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The Simplified Web Design Trend 2015

I found myself with a few spare minutes whilst I relaxed with a cup of coffee this morning and decided to look at the latest things in Web design. Continue reading “The Simplified Web Design Trend 2015” »


Is Animation On A Website a No N0?

Back in the dark old age of 1999 when my beaux set up his web design company, I recall with clarity that any kind of animation or movement was a big no, no because it slowed the site opening. Continue reading “Is Animation On A Website a No N0?” »


Simple Web Design Layout

You know, over the years I’ve written lots about web design, good web design, intuitive web design and more. Indeed often my mindset is that of economics and improving the performance of a business via a website, although this time I was thinking about the most simple approach to design for brochure sites.

To that end I have to bring to your attention to the very, very simple “3 block” concept. Now I’m sure those fabulous designers out there will yawn and tell me to think of a more interesting thing to write about, but in fairness there are youngsters and novices eh?

Ok, so you’re sure to think its much too simple, but bear with me here. Of course there’s space across the top for the (very) usual navigation to home, contact, about and more, but the top block will probably be a large image or even scrolling images of your product perhaps. Importantly though, don’t forget the speed of those scrolling images. Too fast and no-one can read them and you’ll need a call to action on each or its wasted.

Indeed each (and particularly the bottom two boxes) can include images, text, a sales message or any of the above, often navigating to a more detail about your products or services.

Importantly this most simple of design layouts is fantastic for a portfolio or a consultant business, so don’t knock “simple”Simple layout pciture-1





Simple layout pciture-3Simple layout pciture-2


Tips on Getting The Best Web Site

Web Design or Web Development- all encompassing words. Really, we have used these terms to mean just about anything to do with websites, but things have changed at an incredible pace to the extent where the creation of a complex interactive shop can be referred to as anything from web design to the new all embracing “digital marketing”. Continue reading “Tips on Getting The Best Web Site” »


Google guidelines for Faceted Navigation and Infinite Scrolling

Having co-owned and helped to run (what is now commonly called) a digital agency, I recognise fully that there are issues with a large e-commerce site in knowing what is the best method for navigation and avoidance of duplicate pages. Frankly it’s a minefield and of course can affect those all important search rankings due to all the various filters such as high or low price, colours, sizes to name but a few. Continue reading “Google guidelines for Faceted Navigation and Infinite Scrolling” »


“Flat Design” – The New Trend In Design

Before I put finger to keyboard here, I have to put my hand up and admit that my first reaction to “Flat Design” was that it was a load of nonsense, just putting a clever name to a style that existed ages ago, after all, when the newspaper advertisements were the big thing there was an important element to factor in called (some of you will recall) “white space”. Indeed the concept of white space has returned with Flat Design in that the designers allow more space around the websites core message so the user can read it easier. Continue reading ““Flat Design” – The New Trend In Design” »


Surviving Your First Year as a Self-Employed Designer

Surviving Your First Year as a Self-Employed DesignerGoing it alone can be both liberating and terrifying! Leaving the cosy surroundings of the office can be a big step but it may just pay off in the long run.

It can be tough going solo. Although the work can be much more flexible Continue reading “Surviving Your First Year as a Self-Employed Designer” »


NEW! Free Backlink Checker – Check all your Backlinks in Seconds!

free backlink checkerIn addition to original, well written copy and an engaging social profile, gaining quality links from trusted authority websites continues to be one of the most important factors for website owners wishing to increase referral visitors and improve search engine rankings.

Of course the challenge with link building (aside from acquiring links in the first place) has always been keeping them! If you’re passionate about your website and SEO and regularly check your backlinks haven’t been removed, you’ll know this can be extremely time consuming.

If this problem sounds familiar then we have a solution for you with our brilliant new backlink checker. And best of all it’s completely free to use Continue reading “NEW! Free Backlink Checker – Check all your Backlinks in Seconds!” »


New Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions + Downloadable Photoshop Template

new google plus cover photo dimensionsNo sooner had we finished publishing our post on creating great looking Google Plus Cover Photos, than on March 6th, Google completely changes the layout of its user profiles and brand pages giving us a whole new set of dimensions (and headaches) to work with.

So we’ve spent the last few days reviewing these changes and as ever we’ve got some great tips AND a downloadable Photoshop Template Continue reading “New Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions + Downloadable Photoshop Template” »


Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Picture Sizes + Photoshop Template & 7 Top Tips

Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Picture Sizes + Top TipsFollowing on from our post last week about image sizes for your Google+ Business Page, this week our attention turns to Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Picture sizes as we reveal some of the tricks of the trade to get your images looking sharp.

Oh, and just like last week we’ve included a downloadable Photoshop Template to get you started Continue reading “Facebook Cover Photo & Profile Picture Sizes + Photoshop Template & 7 Top Tips” »

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