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You know, over the years I’ve written lots about web design, good web design, intuitive web design and more. Indeed often my mindset is that of economics and improving the performance of a business via a website, although this time I was thinking about the most simple approach to design for brochure sites.

To that end I have to bring to your attention to the very, very simple “3 block” concept. Now I’m sure those fabulous designers out there will yawn and tell me to think of a more interesting thing to write about, but in fairness there are youngsters and novices eh?

Ok, so you’re sure to think its much too simple, but bear with me here. Of course there’s space across the top for the (very) usual navigation to home, contact, about and more, but the top block will probably be a large image or even scrolling images of your product perhaps. Importantly though, don’t forget the speed of those scrolling images. Too fast and no-one can read them and you’ll need a call to action on each or its wasted.

Indeed each (and particularly the bottom two boxes) can include images, text, a sales message or any of the above, often navigating to a more detail about your products or services.

Importantly this most simple of design layouts is fantastic for a portfolio or a consultant business, so don’t knock “simple”Simple layout pciture-1





Simple layout pciture-3Simple layout pciture-2

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