The issue of the SQL server

The idea that there is such a thing as an SQL server is of course wrong and I hope Nina won’t mind if I cast a view.

I would just like to comment that whilst I have done my best to help her, I truly believe there is a fundamental issue of misunderstanding here as of course SQL is a well known almost industry standard database for these applications and may well be ON the server, but will NOT be “the” server.

As you will have read, I have tried to guide Nina who is really struggling to get to grips with a WordPress. The need to get the site back into HTML on Dreamweaver is a confusing question and a bit of a jumble. I wish I could persuade her to look at the browser and server set up before taking the giant leap into having the website re-developed and then learning just a tiny bit about WordPress as I’m sure she would have a manageable website with little cost.


Staying with the SQL server issue

Good morning Alan

 As I have Dreamweaver and my husband is starting to use Dreamweaver to design his web site (however, he is not that techie) so I am currently have to learn this system as well.  At least I know I have total control of my site with this as opposed to using a mysql server and that is why I would prefer to use Dreamweaver.


Ah! Ok… so we need to help you get this current website (in its current configuration?) into HTML and built in Dreamweaver. One would need then to pay a developer to do so? Continue reading “Staying with the SQL server issue” »


Continuing with the question about a website on an SQL server?

This is the response from Nina to my answer…

Hello Alan

Thank you for your response.  My problems are I do not know how to use WordPress and can’t even find the simple things such as how to back up the system.  So how I upgrade the SQL is well beyond my capability.  What I would like to do is switch from WordPress back to Dreamweaver, where I am somewhat familiar with some of the coding.  

The page I desperately want to change is the front page with the new computers this design is not practical.  When would be a good time to contact yourselves and discuss my requirements. Continue reading “Continuing with the question about a website on an SQL server?” »


My website was put onto SQL server

This is a question from Nina;

Enquiry: My site was put onto SQL server which I find has hindered my site from being found by search engines.  I want to return it to FTP and obtain some basic instructions in designing my site.  I don’t need the site managed.

Dear Nina,  I have been asked if I can give you and answer or somehow help with your question to the Web Design Directory, although I have to start by saying I think you are a little confused: Continue reading “My website was put onto SQL server” »