It’s the salt and pepper…

Salt and Pepper? I hear you exclaim. Yes. You see, my husband and I were grabbing a quick lunch in a very nice little deli in Oakham, Rutland (a lovely part of the country) and when thinking about my contribution to this blog, our lunch came to mind… yes, yes, it all seems a bit incongruous I know, but allow me to expand.

You see, whilst I enjoyed some pâté, my hubby had chosen from the specials board. A title that suggested great things to come. Frankly though, he was disappointed. The menu waxed lyrical about succulent prawns, Chorizo, tomato and chilli, all topped with a crumb and cheese crust. When served though it proved to be a bowl full of pink slop with tiny shrimps and a rather thick, bland sauce that needed more salt and pepper. In my mind, it felt like the cook had been tasked with producing a given number of portions of the daily special and had indeed done so – but done so with little true passion or interest in what they were creating, rather a rushed compliance with the need to knock up 25 portions of something that when finished would enable them to get on with the next task – what was missing was a true interest in what we as customers would think of their efforts when we bought lunch.

The comparison in my mind was that of a web developer who sets out with great intentions to develop a website, which will inspire its users to purchase goodies whilst they metaphorically salivate at the thought of delivery and holding their new purchase in their hands.

Overwhelmed by a lack of attention to detail though and perhaps failure to fully grasp their target audience they push ahead, failing to ensure images render properly on all browsers, the font not easily readable, navigation not intuitive and unclear sales messages that are anything but clear and compelling.

You see, its all about the detail, tasting before a dish is served and adding a little more salt or in web design, taking time to think carefully about who the user will be and what message the site portrays to potential customers, testing and changing. Simples!

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