Top tips for succeeding with your web development company

I recently read some of the many tips by Richard Branson’s  and applied to web design they just make for good reading and common sense.

1. Just get out there and DO it!! Richard says (and I’m pretty sure he’s right) that there are so many people who dream on and never get a project off the ground, whereas if you do something you love, a business that fulfills your day, you will never look back. There are always many, many reasons not to set up on your own, but just crack on.
2.  Try and make a difference. Entrepreneurs are in an uncommon position to make a difference to the lives of people around them and it’s such a pleasure to be in that position. Try and do something that will positively impact . Consider special rewards, a bucket list, competitions that are fun to win, it will all make a difference.
3. Believe in your product (or service) with a passion. There is no point and certainly little (if any) profit from being mediocre, nor indeed satisfaction. Equally, if you or your team are selling your product for which they have a palpable passion you’ll succeed as passion is infection. If you truly believe that the web development service you offer is the very best, people will commission you to produce it.
4. “People are not unlike flowers” (and here I quote Richard Branson) if you tend them, feed and water them they’ll blossom. In the same way, if you nurture good people, take care of them, ensure they have the best you can reasonably provide, they will reward you with their best efforts.
5. Never give up! I’ve also been in a position where things have gone wrong and its easy to say don’t give up. But it’s true that such things challenge us mentally. Importantly though if you’ve done everything possible to avoid failure, don’t give up – drive on and enjoy the rewards. There are few true entrepreneurs and the successful ones don’t give up. A few projects may not have worked out, but they learn from them and move on.

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