How to get decent staff.

So if you’re expanding your small web design business, how do you employ decent staff?

It’s a challenge, but a challenge many have faced too. You’ve set up your business designing websites and things are going well. So well in fact, you need to employ another developer, challenge is how do you attract staff when there are so many companies fishing in the same staffing pool and there is a skills gap out there particularly in the North

Well we have a few ideas for you, which we hope will help…

  • Look at the competition: Yes I know, looking at the competition is usually a process you undergo when you’re going to advertise your services. In this instance of course you’re looking for staff, but its always good to understand your competition, what jobs they are recruiting for (if any), what salaries they are offering and other core terms. As yourself – is there anything you can improve upon?
  • I guess my next point is important for business promotion anyway, but the better your business is known the more likely you will be to attract job applications. Thus, ensure you’re business is found on Google, ensure your website promotes you well to both prospective clients and employees alike. Engage in PR at every opportunity, have a good blog chatting about your business and perhaps include the social evenings where you all go out for supper. That might not meen too much to a Client, but it certainly will to a prospective member of staff. Write guest blogs, indeed do most everything reasonable to get your company well known.
  • Write your company Mission Statement – what? Yes you read that correctly, ensure you have a professional Mission Statement. Well written and bearing in mind how staff will view it, it will speak volumes about you.
  • Think big and be ambitious when you write the copy for your advertisement. You want good staff and good staff have their own ambitions and desires.
  • If you can’t afford to pay top wages, think about other benefits such as extra holidays or perhaps extra payments for helping the business grow. That way everyone gains.
  • Don’t forget Linkedin. It’s become a great source for recruitment agencies and must be putting a dent in their business plans so try searching for people who are working in your industry anyway.
  • Lastly (well for this list anyway) network… yes, be approachable, remember others in the industry and aim to be someone who people aspire to working for.

All together these ideas are bound to make your business better known and more attractive to prospective staff as well as clients!

Until next time..

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