Do we work better in Starbucks?

So I sit here in Starbucks…

What has become the “oh so British” modern take on the tea shop, Starbucks (God bless em) is full – ok, on this particular Wednesday afternoon is full of people like me working or at least busying away on their laptops.

Reminiscent of the Simon and Garfunkel track whose lyrics included the line, “his bowtie is probably a camera”, I look around the coffee shop and count 12 people, each occupying one of 12 tables (that I can see at least), working away on a laptop or android with the free Wi-Fi that Starbucks so generously provides. And I’m struck as to whether its profitable for Starbucks to be full of people who perhaps drink one coffee and sit there occupying the available seats for hours at a time. Or equally; do the companies that employ these people enjoy good productivity from those who work from Starbucks?

As for profile? Well in truth, who knows, although a young lady next to me adorned with woolly hat, seems to be e-mailing work colleagues (I hope she doesn’t look over at what I’m writing). A lady the other side is working on spreadsheets and undertaking cross-referencing of some kind. An older gentleman in front of me is using some kind of pen to either write or undertake design. None of them yet strike me as spies and I can’t see any bowtie cameras – not of course that I would know what a spy looks like! Or in truth that a bowtie had a camera or not, but I digress.

Another chap has looked studiously at his screen for the last hour or so and I would bet my last coffee, is working. Well I could go on, but I’ll draw this little scribble to an end with more questions than answers…

Do the members of this “Starbucks army” produce better, more comprehensive or perhaps imaginative work because they have the freedom to be here working or do their employers think they are working hard whereas in truth they’re enjoying a nice coffee, whilst doing the bear minimum to pass off for working? Then of course there’s the likes of me, who find that when the writers block drops, I have to write wherever I am!

As for Starbucks, perhaps its just that only companies in their position of profitability can afford the brand development and recognition that comes with such a service offering, which in turn can only lead to more sales?

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