Developing an e- commerce site…

Or perhaps I should title this “trying to develop…” as my business partner and I have been considering developing an e-commerce website

The range of prices quoted though is nothing short of spectacular and some of the thoughts and observations interesting to say the least. Indeed you might not agree, but I thought I’d write a few things about what I’ve learned or (perhaps again) been told.

We understand that Magento is a sound, reliable framework with a fantastic admin back end plus ready to plug in applications that work seamlessly with Google shopping and eBay. All good stuff if you’re serious about selling online of course.

Let me tell you before I progress though, that quotations have ranged from 1,500€ to over £20,000! The lower price was to start with a Magento themed site, which we would purchase for about $258 online and style to our own requirements. Frankly that sounded a great solution and we liked the developer, but as we continued our discussion it was pointed out to me that if there was an important security update (for example) we would have to update the version of Magento as well as ensuring the “theme” we had purchased was also updated. Ok so far… except that if the programmer that developed the theme was a bit slow on the uptake we could be running an insecure site for a little while and taking great risks.

There is also an inherent risk of using a theme though. The only person who really knows how the theme has been programmed is the programmer himself. Thus, buying a themed site might look attractive, but it could take much longer than expected or would reasonably be expected to make the modifications  nedded because your programmer will not be the programmer that built the site. It could take your developer  a long time to establish what part of the programming needed to be modified.

So the challenges go on and we are still looking and trying to decide!

What would your advice be?

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