“Flat Design” – The New Trend In Design

Before I put finger to keyboard here, I have to put my hand up and admit that my first reaction to “Flat Design” was that it was a load of nonsense, just putting a clever name to a style that existed ages ago, after all, when the newspaper advertisements were the big thing there was an important element to factor in called (some of you will recall) “white space”. Indeed the concept of white space has returned with Flat Design in that the designers allow more space around the websites core message so the user can read it easier.

Well you can see why I felt it was all just clever terms for a very old and well proven concept… however I still wonder if it is! This new trend seems much, much more logical and practical from a business point of view. After all, what every company wants is for a user to find their website, read its sales message and comprehending that message quickly, make an enquiry or purchase. So I hope you can forgive my initial cynicism?

Apparently this new trend (which as I said, sounds to me like a move back to the designs of 1990) has style concepts (my title) including “almost flat design” and “long shadow design” the latter apparently has it’s shadow at 45 degrees.  I’d love to her your views, but I read flat design has an emphasis on the minimalist, more white space, bright colours, sharp lines and more basic fonts.

They don’t have drop shadows and (what looks like) textures and I read that it is becoming,  and I quote,  “hugely popular” for mobile applications which I guess I can understand.

I’m not the only one that is a bit cynical though as others have criticized it for its “cartoons like” appearance. There’s no doubt it’s here to stay though, for a while at least, until the next trend, although in the meantime, there are many interface kits to save you time in your design and those great peeps at Design Modo offer a great place to start:

http://designmodo.com/polaris-free/ is a free (yes as the name suggests) range of user interface items  including check boxes, buttons, navigation and more, so nice actually that it was Design Modo that kind-of corrected my scepticism – sorry folks

By way of example, http://tobisstory.lesavignons.com/#future is a great little site, however, my Safari browser didn’t like it and in Firefox I couldn’t stop it scrolling and the text changed so quickly I couldn’t read it! But take a look, a clever little bit of Flat Design


So there you have my very, very simple over view… oh! And deliberately paradoxical, I might just write about the most complex of design ideas next – good designing



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