Tips on Getting The Best Web Site

Web Design or Web Development- all encompassing words. Really, we have used these terms to mean just about anything to do with websites, but things have changed at an incredible pace to the extent where the creation of a complex interactive shop can be referred to as anything from web design to the new all embracing “digital marketing”.

Where am I going with this? Well give me a moment… the point I wanted to make was that the skills required to create a truly successful website, ,let’s say an e-commerce shop are made up of a range of different specialisms. Indeed what’s required in this example is a really close working relationship, mutual respect and understanding between the designer and or programmer and sales and marketing departments. Most of us have some knowledge of the various bits that make up today’s digital world but a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

We all too often see websites which have been created by a programmer or designer who truly believe they’ve hit the mark on attracting sales, where in truth they have little understanding of the market that website is being developed for – and nor should we really expect them to. And importantly the companies who commission these online shops miss out on a swathe of business by not truly being involved. All too often have we heard ” I just want a site like John Lewis”!

Approaching the development of sales via a website with an open mind is not an easy thing . One has to be humble and perhaps accept that someone else may know better than you and it is a team effort. I guess that gets easier with age!

So to the advice bit:

If you commission an web site:

1.     Select a development company who are keen to get the input from your sales and marketing department.

2.     Ensure the brief begins with identifying the market, product groups andsales targets.

3.     Ensure the design of the template (you know, the arty farty bit) is structured around selling those product groups to those markets identified in the design brief.

4.     Ensure the site map and navigation relate entirely to the ease with which a customer can find, select and buy what you are trying to sell.

I hope that brief overview is helpful to you.

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