So you can build a website – ah, but can you sell them?

Well the title’s pretty obvious and hearing so many designers talk about their skills, I wondered how all these web developers got on trying to sell?

Indeed when I was involved running a web development and SEO company I used to speak to many small developers who would attend Chamber of Commerce meetings, Federation of Small Business and the like. You see; we were quite large and reasonably successful and these young developers knew about us and would often ask how we had grown to the size we were (not the biggest, but with 25 staff some 5 years ago, certainly not the smallest) and frankly it was enjoyable to mentor some of them. Certainly they weren’t a risk to our business.
Disappointingly though it was all too often that these web development companies would not last a year and during conversations with my bank manager he would recall “Alex, I must have 10 applications for business accounts every week and when they tell me they are another web developer my heart sinks.”

The key though in my experience is to avoid the techno speak and imagine yourself in your prospects shoes. Often they have no interest in the latest “plug ins” indeed importantly they probably have no idea what a plug-in is! They just want to know that if they are running a restaurant, you can make it easy for them to display and alter their menus as often as they need to. It matters not that perhaps you’ve used “XYZ” plug in to facilitate it.
Critically, if you can focus on the benefit (of having your website) as opposed to anyone else then the cost will become less of an issue. For example talk of image optimisation is wasted on a furniture designer – better to refer to the ease with which they can put their pictures on the shop your building them as the website will do everything for them – stay away from the techno babble and see your sales increase!
Interestingly and as if to demonstrate my point, the “Hello Dolly” plug in for Word Press does nothing – you got it, nothing… well except post random lyrics from the song in your admin panel, but according to the WordPress site, over 8,400 people have downloaded it – you have to wonder….

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