NEW! Free Backlink Checker – Check all your Backlinks in Seconds!

free backlink checkerIn addition to original, well written copy and an engaging social profile, gaining quality links from trusted authority websites continues to be one of the most important factors for website owners wishing to increase referral visitors and improve search engine rankings.

Of course the challenge with link building (aside from acquiring links in the first place) has always been keeping them! If you’re passionate about your website and SEO and regularly check your backlinks haven’t been removed, you’ll know this can be extremely time consuming.

If this problem sounds familiar then we have a solution for you with our brilliant new backlink checker. And best of all it’s completely free to use!

What does this SEO Tool do & How will it Help Me?

what it doesTruthfully, a better question to ask would be “What doesn’t it do?” Put simply, it allows you to check all of your known backlinks to any number of websites by uploading them in .CSV format.

Or, if you just want to check a handful of links you can fill in the form without uploading. 

What’s more, as well as displaying the results on screen, if you use the upload .CSV option you can also choose to print or export them.

Now isn’t that easier than manually checking each and every one of them? How much time is this going to save you?

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to give our new backlink checker a try, you’ll find it here:

Want to See a Little More?

Ok, below you’ll find a series a screen shots showing our backlink checker in action along with a bit more detail about what it does.

1. This is how the backlink checker looks when you first visit the page. Pretty simple eh?backlink checker

2. You can check up to 5 individual backlinks by adding your URLs to the form.
check individual backlinks

3. Or, download our sample .CSV file and add all your backlinks to it. Then upload it and check them all in seconds. Using our .CSV file upload also gives you the option to print or export your results. Awesome!
check multiple backlinks at once

We’d love to hear what you think about this great new Backlink Checking tool so feel free to leave a comment below or why not share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus using the buttons above.

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