Is Animation On A Website a No N0?

Back in the dark old age of 1999 when my beaux set up his web design company, I recall with clarity that any kind of animation or movement was a big no, no because it slowed the site opening.

Of course, one of the great reasons was the slow speed of server access, which was almost crippling in relation to the practical business application of the site.

Zipping on some 15 years and of course things are very different and a couple of technologies CSS/JS animation and HTML5 enable designers to include fabulous movement and special effects within their designs.

Interestingly, some of the inclusions are big background video like and a more subtle background like the cloudy sky on the home page of

The challenge I find though, is that not only do they still take a while to download and start working, but some of the websites are hard to figure out what the heck they are about! Now my thought has always been that your website should be the solution to a users question, even if its an unspoken question, yet some of these fantastic (and I’m sincere here) designs seem almost a simple exercise in creation of the website rather than an effort to pass on any form of message.

Take for example, the website of (I guess we are supposed to think) wacky and creative web development company, but if you didn’t know that, the site’s a disaster from a business point of view and add to that a great animated site, but it must have taken me 5 minutes to figure out how to get to see its content, thus I suggest from a business point of view… a disaster!

As ever and ever since 1999, usability remains more important than clever animation of wacky design – sorry folks…

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