Promoting your site to Google

It’s interesting to see so many professional agencies whose approach swings violently from one to the other.

I have noticed many agencies who seem to have swung from “linking” ,to “content marketing” which in the real world seems to be blog posts that are overly optimised and have so obviously been created just for a link.

If you read some of the better, longer standing advice pages like Moz and Search Engine Land their advice seems to concur about taking a balanced approach and even if they didn’t, doesn’t it just make common sense?

For what it’s, I worked in an agency for over 14 years and whilst we saw huge changes including the move to Google’s dominance from search engines like AltaVista, it was always the carefully thought out, steady, balanced approach that succeeded, including I must add, patience, time and yes some good relevant links.

If I were to add to the melay and give my own guidance for achieving prominence, I would offer these few ideas of pure wisdom (ok, so I’m biased)

i.         Create a good site with clear and simple navigation or in these days of huge sites with so many pages and e-commerce; as simple as possible for a user to follow

ii.         Ensure the home page in particular has a very clear sales message and direction for how to move from the home page to the next page of choice

iii.         Ensure each page has good tags that compliment the page content

iv.         Don’t over design the site – usability is more important than wonderful, yet overt design for designs sake

v.         Be careful not to use too many key-words and resort to key-word “cramming”.

vi.         Create good well written and “critically” unique content

On my point about Key-word cramming. I do understand that if you run a business that sells many things, it’s tempting to keep adding to a vast list of things you sell in the mistaken belief that just about everything has to be written and included. It’s amazing how many sites out there are still keyword crammed. In the advent of the Hummingbird update and Semantic SEO my advice would be to just write great quality and unique content, include your unique selling proposition and anything that is salient and informative. If you know your product or service well, writing naturally in the first instance without thinking about what you need to do for Google or the search engines will have a better effect.


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