The opt-in or opt-out argument?

My Friday Soapbox…..

Parental control? Of course that’ll be clarified for you in a few years…

Do you (particularly those of you with children) listen with bemusement as Messrs Cameron and Co speak of the service providers offering “Opt-in” rather than “Opt-out” of parental controls (of adult content)

I have to say I’m horrified that ISP’s tell us that it would be better for customers to have the choice to “Opt-in” for parental control, thus assuming that our general option would be to accept pornographic imagery and website’s into our home for (clearly) our children to access pretty easily. I for one look forward to the day when such imagery and content is as a rule restricted unless a user requests that such limitations are lifted.

On a more positive note, I see that following the initial response from Google and Microsoft (Bing) that it was not possible to block results of certain searches (nor in their opinion should it be done), both companies have come to heal (if I may put it that way) and altered their algorithm (four months ago apparently impossible) so that a range of search terms that referred to images including minors, would return no results.

Although I have  also read that such a drive is to little too late as most of such content is transferred pier to pier on private networks, this result should at least be seen as a positive result – after all, how could it not be positive?

Realistically though, why can’t we (ok, the Government) insist the ISP’s alter their set up so that as a default, adult content CANNOT be accessed, giving each and every one of us the option to switch adult content “on” and thus limit access to minors. Such a setup is surely NOT an infringement of our rights anymore than it infringes a parents rights to stop their children viewing images that by common and more recent opinion is beginning to damage the sexual experiences of young people by skewing their expectations of a normal loving relationship.


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