Getting the Sales!

I was intrigued to read recently an article extolling the virtues of design in marketing – I get the point, but what intrigued me was that I for one have been banging on about it for over 10 years.

The point is that all to often, when creating a website a client company will involve the world and his brother, even the mail boy gets his opinion(not that I have anything against mail boys), but in the mela of everyone trying to get their point across, somehow the point is completely lost.

And this is why I titled this little article “getting the sales” because in most cases, isn’t that exactly what they want to do? You’re not trying to get comments about how wonderful or inclusive your website is or how fab the pictures are, unless it’s the road to sales revenue.

Try with all your might to limit the number of people involved. In my experience you need two vital pieces of information – what product makes the most profit and which of those items have the best supply chain and are simplest to re-order and handle. You might also want to double check with the sales team (although in my experience they will be overly focused on their commission and their views will not be as helpful as you might expect), but now you’re set to establish the focus of your spanking new website!

Armed with this little gem of information, you have the key to the design of your website, because its focus needs to be about that particular product or service identified earlier so that when sold in greater quantity this will not only increase revenues for your client, but the bottom line profit too.

Don’t forget usability though as importantly when users find your lovely new site, you have to lead them by the hand so they can easily buy your widget although perhaps the next trick is to ask the mail boy to go onto the site and buy one and that’s where the mail boy’s opinion will count because if he can’t find his way around, you’ve probably got it wrong.





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