Staying with the SQL server issue

Good morning Alan

 As I have Dreamweaver and my husband is starting to use Dreamweaver to design his web site (however, he is not that techie) so I am currently have to learn this system as well.  At least I know I have total control of my site with this as opposed to using a mysql server and that is why I would prefer to use Dreamweaver.


Ah! Ok… so we need to help you get this current website (in its current configuration?) into HTML and built in Dreamweaver. One would need then to pay a developer to do so?


Hello Alan

How much approx would that be?  I currently have 432 pages on the site



Heck… Nina it could be a lot of money. You’ve clearly built it up over time.

 The answer really would be to ask 2 or 3 developers how much they would charge, but there’s a lot of work there to do it properly. 

 Does the website earn money or is it a hobby?


Hi Alan

 It is purely a hobby, the most I get is a drink when someone who is researching their family from the villag, actually comes to the village and we meet in the local pub. It’s a history of our village with all the birth and death records along with census returns, photographs and history of the village. 

 What I probably need is someone to set up the core CSS templates and index page and then I just copy and paste the HTML over from WordPress.

 Thanks for your assistance



Ok Nina, I do know someone who is a wiz with WordPress and he could most certainly help (he’s not too expensive either) let me check and I’ll refer him to you.

Best regards


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