The typical cost of an e-shop website


Woul you be able o advise on the typical cost of an e-shop is the type of template I would like to follow for my own pieces of work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dan,

 I’ve been asked to respond to your question and happy to help. Indeed I agree its a big question, but I think the best stance or “response” is to say that one should look at what you are getting for the money.

 In this instance the website you refer to is quite substantial, but that in itself is no measure of cost as the company could and probably would have populated it themselves, thus it’s the functionality that could cost more; things like variants and multi-variants can be quite complex as is functionality to create special offers etc. By way of example, some of the T shirts are available as size (S,M,L) colour (white, blue etc) which is two variants and pretty standard, simple stuff.

 Staying with this theme (and I promise I’ll get to the cost thing!) a shirt that was available in size/colour/neck style/arm style/packing options/plus a card etc, etc would require a deal more programming and consequently impact on the cost of the project.

 And so to cost of design and creation of an e-commerce website. I would suggest that if you paid £5,000 to £6,000 for design and creation of a simple e-commerce site you SHOULD be getting something stable and worthwhile. Anything less and I would be wondering which corners were being cut and that would not include product population. If you were looking for a really polished web design then truthfully the design alone could cost £2,000.

 I hope my reply is helpful to you Dan.

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