The issue of the SQL server

The idea that there is such a thing as an SQL server is of course wrong and I hope Nina won’t mind if I cast a view.

I would just like to comment that whilst I have done my best to help her, I truly believe there is a fundamental issue of misunderstanding here as of course SQL is a well known almost industry standard database for these applications and may well be ON the server, but will NOT be “the” server.

As you will have read, I have tried to guide Nina who is really struggling to get to grips with a WordPress. The need to get the site back into HTML on Dreamweaver is a confusing question and a bit of a jumble. I wish I could persuade her to look at the browser and server set up before taking the giant leap into having the website re-developed and then learning just a tiny bit about WordPress as I’m sure she would have a manageable website with little cost.

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