A website that specialize in selling gift items

Enquiry: hi,

I am planning to set up a website that specialize in selling gift items like lets say something [Example:www.exoticgifts.com].when buying domain names how much memory space must i opt for.will the web designer tell me what size memory space i need for my site

Hi Collin, the chaps at the Web design directoy asked me to respond to your question;

 The domain name as such has, and will not have any influence on the memory you will require for your website. You will just reserve and effectively “rent” the domain (I digress, but please ensure that YOU are the registrant and do NOT allow your web developer to register the domain in their name – this is critical) however, your web developer will be able to advise how big they think the website will become and how much space you will need on the server.

I hope that helps, but please refer back if not

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