My website was put onto SQL server

This is a question from Nina;

Enquiry: My site was put onto SQL server which I find has hindered my site from being found by search engines.  I want to return it to FTP and obtain some basic instructions in designing my site.  I don’t need the site managed.

Dear Nina,  I have been asked if I can give you and answer or somehow help with your question to the Web Design Directory, although I have to start by saying I think you are a little confused:

 We use SQL all the time and I don’t believe this would ever be the issue and FTP is just a file language used for uploading the website etc (file transfer protocol). However having looked at your website we (one of my developers and I) believe that your site was developed in an older version of PHP V4 and the new server is running a newer version. We believe the solution is to correctly identify the version of PHP and ensure your server is running a compatible version.

I hope that sorts things for me, but please let me know if it doesn’t

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