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We hope it will provide our visitors with a valuable source of information and guidance to help each of you get the very most from your web site... and your web designers! We write for all experience levels, so whether you're planning your first web site or looking for new ideas, we're sure you'll find something you can apply to your website.


My top 2013 UK conferences and events for web developers, SEM professionals and website owners

My top 2013 UK conferences and events for web developers, SEM professionals and website ownersI’ve attended a variety of these annual expos and conferences over the years and in general found them really useful for keeping up to date in this ever changing, fast paced industry. Continue reading “My top 2013 UK conferences and events for web developers, SEM professionals and website owners” »


How To Load Social Buttons Asynchronously

How to load social buttons asynchronouslyLast week we set ourselves the challenge to find out how much page load time we could shave off our sister website, the UK Business Directory using Firefox’s neat little ‘Page Speed’ extension (available through Firebug). Now a few years ago this task would have been pretty straightforward and involved the re-optimising of images Continue reading “How To Load Social Buttons Asynchronously” »


3 Step Guide to Online Marketing for Start-up Businesses

3 Step Guide to Online Marketing for Start-up Businesses

If you’ve just started out in business, you’ve probably heard all about how online marketing and, in particular, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like) can help your business to quickly grow by connecting with people either locally, nationally or even Internationally. Continue reading “3 Step Guide to Online Marketing for Start-up Businesses” »


10 Tips for Managing SEO when Rebuilding or Redesigning a Website

It’s perhaps natural that Web designers who are in this industry because they love the artistic, creative side of such a career, concentrate on the design, templates and programming of a rebuild without taking into full consideration the huge impact and possible loss of business (for their clients) a rebuild or redesign can have if they ignore SEO and conversion Continue reading “10 Tips for Managing SEO when Rebuilding or Redesigning a Website” »


Instantly Upgrade Your CRM Software

Your business’s CRM or sales software helps you maintain customer information and use it to foster relationships, promote leads, and analyze your business data.  Jason Nash, product marketing manager for Microsoft CRM UK, explains:  “CRM is a customer focused business strategy designed to optimize revenue, profit and customer satisfaction Continue reading “Instantly Upgrade Your CRM Software” »


5 Top Tips for Creating Contact Pages That Convert

Your website is often the primary way customers can contact you. Whether they’re looking to make a purchase, or just have an enquiry, you need to make this process as efficient as possible. After all, you want a contact page that converts Continue reading “5 Top Tips for Creating Contact Pages That Convert” »


Panda – Great News but will it help us provide engaging content?

The mantra for many SEO companies has been “linking, linking, and more linking” that so many had lost site of the importance of marketing fundamentals. Clients are also more knowledgeable about SEO but a little knowledge is sometimes a bad thing and in terms of reporting tend to be focused on the amount of links gained rather than quality, relevant links and the user experience along with other ways of generating traffic and conversion. Continue reading “Panda – Great News but will it help us provide engaging content?” »


W3C Errors and SEO

We were recently asked whether W3C errors have a negative impact on Search Engine rankings and SEO.

W3C is a set of guidelines to which website owners and developers should try and achieve full compliance. W3C compliance ensures cross browser compatibility i,e those of you who do not have knowledge of the jargon that surrounds the web industry it will ensure that your website renders on all “browsers” which are the likes of the various Internet Explorer versions, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and so forth. It also tries to ensure accessibility for the disabled. Continue reading “W3C Errors and SEO” »


Google +1 Button Launches

The long anticipated worldwide launch of Google’s +1 button finally arrived this week, but what does this mean for website owners? Continue reading “Google +1 Button Launches” »


The issue of the SQL server

The idea that there is such a thing as an SQL server is of course wrong and I hope Nina won’t mind if I cast a view.

I would just like to comment that whilst I have done my best to help her, I truly believe there is a fundamental issue of misunderstanding here as of course SQL is a well known almost industry standard database for these applications and may well be ON the server, but will NOT be “the” server.

As you will have read, I have tried to guide Nina who is really struggling to get to grips with a WordPress. The need to get the site back into HTML on Dreamweaver is a confusing question and a bit of a jumble. I wish I could persuade her to look at the browser and server set up before taking the giant leap into having the website re-developed and then learning just a tiny bit about WordPress as I’m sure she would have a manageable website with little cost.

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