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Our web design blog covers a huge range of topics including web site design and development, search engine optimisation (SEO), internet marketing, social media and much more.

We hope it will provide our visitors with a valuable source of information and guidance to help each of you get the very most from your web site... and your web designers! We write for all experience levels, so whether you're planning your first web site or looking for new ideas, we're sure you'll find something you can apply to your website.


Tips on Getting The Best Web Site

Web Design or Web Development- all encompassing words. Really, we have used these terms to mean just about anything to do with websites, but things have changed at an incredible pace to the extent where the creation of a complex interactive shop can be referred to as anything from web design to the new all embracing “digital marketing”. Continue reading “Tips on Getting The Best Web Site” »


So you can build a website – ah, but can you sell them?

Well the title’s pretty obvious and hearing so many designers talk about their skills, I wondered how all these web developers got on trying to sell? Continue reading “So you can build a website – ah, but can you sell them?” »


Is Social Media Worth It?

Now there’s a provocative question! Continue reading “Is Social Media Worth It?” »


Google guidelines for Faceted Navigation and Infinite Scrolling

Having co-owned and helped to run (what is now commonly called) a digital agency, I recognise fully that there are issues with a large e-commerce site in knowing what is the best method for navigation and avoidance of duplicate pages. Frankly it’s a minefield and of course can affect those all important search rankings due to all the various filters such as high or low price, colours, sizes to name but a few. Continue reading “Google guidelines for Faceted Navigation and Infinite Scrolling” »


Are we alone?

Na! Not in the universe (although it’s a thought) but we have thought and several better informed more considered professionals have been saying for months that the (almost) manic swing from one SEO strategy to another is a big, big mistake but it  still keeps happening. Continue reading “Are we alone?” »


The opt-in or opt-out argument?

My Friday Soapbox…..

Parental control? Of course that’ll be clarified for you in a few years…

Do you (particularly those of you with children) listen with bemusement as Messrs Cameron and Co speak of the service providers offering “Opt-in” rather than “Opt-out” of parental controls (of adult content) Continue reading “The opt-in or opt-out argument?” »


Promoting your site to Google

It’s interesting to see so many professional agencies whose approach swings violently from one to the other. Continue reading “Promoting your site to Google” »


Getting the Sales!

I was intrigued to read recently an article extolling the virtues of design in marketing – I get the point, but what intrigued me was that I for one have been banging on about it for over 10 years.

The point is that all to often, when creating a website a client company will involve the world and his brother, even the mail boy gets his opinion(not that I have anything against mail boys), but in the mela of everyone trying to get their point across, somehow the point is completely lost. Continue reading “Getting the Sales!” »


Checklists-Paper or spreadsheet, manual or automated?

Checklists! The all-important last stop before a project goes live or goes onto the next stage of its creation. When we buy goods there is often a label  showing kite marks or adherence to quality controls so I’m sure these things and processes are common place.  The question however is; does a company get the best results by having such lists on a spreadsheet and automated system? Well I for one stand very firmly in the “no” camp! Continue reading “Checklists-Paper or spreadsheet, manual or automated?” »


“Flat Design” – The New Trend In Design

Before I put finger to keyboard here, I have to put my hand up and admit that my first reaction to “Flat Design” was that it was a load of nonsense, just putting a clever name to a style that existed ages ago, after all, when the newspaper advertisements were the big thing there was an important element to factor in called (some of you will recall) “white space”. Indeed the concept of white space has returned with Flat Design in that the designers allow more space around the websites core message so the user can read it easier. Continue reading ““Flat Design” – The New Trend In Design” »

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