Is Social Media Worth It?

Now there’s a provocative question! Continue reading “Is Social Media Worth It?” »


The opt-in or opt-out argument?

My Friday Soapbox…..

Parental control? Of course that’ll be clarified for you in a few years…

Do you (particularly those of you with children) listen with bemusement as Messrs Cameron and Co speak of the service providers offering “Opt-in” rather than “Opt-out” of parental controls (of adult content) Continue reading “The opt-in or opt-out argument?” »


Promoting your site to Google

It’s interesting to see so many professional agencies whose approach swings violently from one to the other. Continue reading “Promoting your site to Google” »


Getting the Sales!

I was intrigued to read recently an article extolling the virtues of design in marketing – I get the point, but what intrigued me was that I for one have been banging on about it for over 10 years.

The point is that all to often, when creating a website a client company will involve the world and his brother, even the mail boy gets his opinion(not that I have anything against mail boys), but in the mela of everyone trying to get their point across, somehow the point is completely lost. Continue reading “Getting the Sales!” »


Checklists-Paper or spreadsheet, manual or automated?

Checklists! The all-important last stop before a project goes live or goes onto the next stage of its creation. When we buy goods there is often a label  showing kite marks or adherence to quality controls so I’m sure these things and processes are common place.  The question however is; does a company get the best results by having such lists on a spreadsheet and automated system? Well I for one stand very firmly in the “no” camp! Continue reading “Checklists-Paper or spreadsheet, manual or automated?” »


The wonders of John Lewis website.

How many businesses have read in awe the statistics of www.johnlewis.co.uk according to John Lewis themselves, the renowned online shopping site takes more dosh than all of their high street stores and as much as their London Oxford Street branch – a massive achievement for which they are due great respect, but could you replicate such performance? Continue reading “The wonders of John Lewis website.” »


New Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions + Downloadable Photoshop Template

new google plus cover photo dimensionsNo sooner had we finished publishing our post on creating great looking Google Plus Cover Photos, than on March 6th, Google completely changes the layout of its user profiles and brand pages giving us a whole new set of dimensions (and headaches) to work with.

So we’ve spent the last few days reviewing these changes and as ever we’ve got some great tips AND a downloadable Photoshop Template Continue reading “New Google Plus Cover Photo Dimensions + Downloadable Photoshop Template” »


How to add the Facebook Recommendation Bar to your Website (and how to stop it from opening all the time!)

How to add the Facebook Recommendation Bar to your Website (and how to stop it from popping up all the time!)In this, the second in our series of guides focussing on the integration of social media plugins, this week we’re looking in detail at Facebook’s ‘Recommendation Bar’ by a) finding out if it’s as easy to install as Facebook claim, and b) conducting our own (rather non-scientific) tests to find out if it was worth all the hype. Continue reading “How to add the Facebook Recommendation Bar to your Website (and how to stop it from opening all the time!)” »

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