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10 Tips for Managing SEO when Rebuilding or Redesigning a Website

It’s perhaps natural that Web designers who are in this industry because they love the artistic, creative side of such a career, concentrate on the design, templates and programming of a rebuild without taking into full consideration the huge impact and possible loss of business (for their clients) a rebuild or redesign can have if they ignore SEO and conversion Continue reading “10 Tips for Managing SEO when Rebuilding or Redesigning a Website” »


The typical cost of an e-shop website


Woul you be able o advise on the typical cost of an e-shop is the type of template I would like to follow for my own pieces of work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


Hi Dan,

 I’ve been asked to respond to your question and happy to help. Indeed I agree its a big question, but I think the best stance or “response” is to say that one should look at what you are getting for the money. Continue reading “The typical cost of an e-shop website” »


A website that specialize in selling gift items

Enquiry: hi,

I am planning to set up a website that specialize in selling gift items like lets say something [].when buying domain names how much memory space must i opt for.will the web designer tell me what size memory space i need for my site

Hi Collin, the chaps at the Web design directoy asked me to respond to your question;

 The domain name as such has, and will not have any influence on the memory you will require for your website. You will just reserve and effectively “rent” the domain (I digress, but please ensure that YOU are the registrant and do NOT allow your web developer to register the domain in their name – this is critical) however, your web developer will be able to advise how big they think the website will become and how much space you will need on the server.

I hope that helps, but please refer back if not

all the best


Funding to start a web business

We received the following question from Siraj who has agreed for us to publish our answer to help other readers. “I would like to know how to get funding to start a web business or a web company that would be interested to build a website as an investment?”

This question was from a chap named Siraj and Siraj; I’m sorry that we are not going to be too much help here as we are not really qualified to give you this kind of advice. Having said that, as for any business I would suggest you consider carefully how your company is going to make a profit, what your offer to your customers is going to be. What will make your web design business stand out from any other web design business as this will be called your “unique selling proposition” and used a deal in marketing web companies as with any other busines.

From this point you would need to create a business plan supported by a budget and cash flow forcast and then I’m afraid its off to the banks and similar institutions to seek funds – good luck and thanks for the question


Do I need a website?

Is this not just the most basic question, but I’m pleased you have come here for advice and ignore those that look with scorn because you should know.

Continue reading “Do I need a website?” »


Thoughts and ideas – Web Design

The likelihood of a website becoming successful is far greater if the site is easily found, simple to navigate, and provides ample information in a clear, direct way whilst driving a potential customer to make contact or buy!

Continue reading “Thoughts and ideas – Web Design” »

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