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Top 10 search engine optimisation (SEO) Tips

SEO will not give instant results and search engine optimisation should form just one part of a much more expansive marketing plan alongside other forms of advertising and promotion.

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Choosing a website name

Its more important than you can imagine and all too tempting and seemingly straight forward to choose your company name as your primary domain name, but read on as that is not always the best approach.

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Instructing your choosen web designer

Like any project the more detail you can give your developer; the clearer vision you have and importantly, are able to portray to the designer, the more successful your website is likely to be and the more comfortable you are going to be with the results when the site is launched.

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Thoughts and ideas – Web Design

The likelihood of a website becoming successful is far greater if the site is easily found, simple to navigate, and provides ample information in a clear, direct way whilst driving a potential customer to make contact or buy!

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