So how do you remember all those passwords?

Don’t we all at some time or other wonder how on earth we’re going to remember all the flippin passwords we need and of course our brain is as befuddled with passwords for our computer, Facebook, Youtube, this tube that tube, pin numbers and more.

There are some clever ideas from those clever chaps at Google (well we couldn’t take the credit could we?) What we can do though, is try and make it all a bit easier to follow, because they do make some really good basic points.

With all those names and numbers how can we follow the guidelines and keep our private stuff private whilst choosing passwords that…

  • Combine letters, numbers and maybe symbols like exclamation marks, question marks and more.
  • Uses a different password for all your important data like bank account, e-mail, Facebook etc

So what we’re saying here is that you need to create something complicated that no one else could figure, then and only then… repeat the same process for all your accounts!

Here’s the idea from Google. Consider a phrase or statement such as… “I hope my wife still loves me” – bring it together and remove the spaces – Ihopemywifestilllovesme – then replace some of the alpha with numbers – Ih0pemyw1f3stilllove5m3 and away you go! Better still, you can change the numeric for different applications.

Another thought is to use your company name in the process – “smithies deliver the best doughnuts – smithiesdeliverthebestdoughtnuts – sm1th1esdel1verthebestdonughts. In this example it’s a bit easier because each “I” is changed to a numeric “1” – just a thought, but I bet no one would figure.

And one  last point, writing passwords down is not such a bad thing as some people suggest as long as that is also safely password protected! Just be sure you don’t save them in a file called “All my important passwords”











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