5 Top Tips for Creating Contact Pages That Convert

Your website is often the primary way customers can contact you. Whether they’re looking to make a purchase, or just have an enquiry, you need to make this process as efficient as possible. After all, you want a contact page that converts.

But what are the secrets to creating a killer contact page?

If you’re struggling to convert website visitors into customers, or you’re looking to boost your conversion rate; you’ve come to the right place. This article contains five top tips to help you create a contact page that converts:

1. More Than One Way to Contact

You want people to get in touch with you, right?

If you want a contact page that converts, you need to give people options. We all love options.

Include more than one way to get in touch with you on your contact page, making it as easy as possible for customers to get in touch. Contact forms are a great addition, but you should also be sure to include a direct email address, as well as a telephone number.

Depending on the nature of the enquiry, some people may require a quick answer. By giving your prospects choice, they are much more likely to convert and get in touch.

2. Keep it Simple

Clear and concise contact forms are a great way to convert – if they’re kept clear and concise. Over complicating your contact form is one of the quickest ways to send customers running into the arms of your competitors.

Use a limited number of fields, and required information. Make sure each field is clearly labelled, and state why you need this information. You should also think about giving customers hints to help them fill in the form correctly.

This is in your best interests, as it helps you get the information you need right away.

3. Visually Appealing

Just because you’re keeping it simple, you shouldn’t scrimp on the design of your contact page. On the contrary, you want your page to be visually appealing and encourage people to get in touch.

Keep the design consistent with the rest of your website, but go easy on flashy elements. You want a simple, yet effective page that does its job. Don’t draw attention away from the contact from, but make sure that it is vibrant enough to hold their attention.

Personalising different elements of the page and contact form are a great way to strike this balance. It is a simple and subtle change, but one that will suit the style of your site.

4. Privacy Protection

One of the best ways to get visitors to convert is to show them you take their privacy seriously.

We’re regularly told that we shouldn’t give out our personal details online – which is true. But if you need to gather information like phone numbers, email addresses, or even card details to finalise a purchase; you may lose the conversion.

Why? Because you haven’t built enough trust with your visitors.

To do this, apply ghost text (automatically replace anything typed with ‘xxx’) to fields where secure information is entered. You should also have a clear privacy policy, and use a secure connection for any online sales.

5. Mobile Friendly

With mobile accounting for over 10% of worldwide Internet usage, it’s pretty essential that your website is mobile ready. One of the main reasons you contact page isn’t converting, is that it isn’t responsive.

With so many people visiting your site from a mobile or tablet device, your contact page needs to keep up. Visitors to your site need to be able to view, and use, your contact page.

Remember that the screen size on these devices is limited, so keep your mobile-friendly contact page short and sweet. Limit the number of fields on your contact page, and generally keep things clear and concise.

Creating contact pages that convert is, as you have seen, easier than it first appears. In business, converting customers and making a sound return on your investment is important. By putting these steps into practice, you too can boost your contact page conversion rate.


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