Panda – Great News but will it help us provide engaging content?

The mantra for many SEO companies has been “linking, linking, and more linking” that so many had lost site of the importance of marketing fundamentals. Clients are also more knowledgeable about SEO but a little knowledge is sometimes a bad thing and in terms of reporting tend to be focused on the amount of links gained rather than quality, relevant links and the user experience along with other ways of generating traffic and conversion.

Most reputable internet marketing companies take pride in their work and enjoy great satisfaction in generating traffic and sales and an offshoot of that is that we will retain our client base. We have always tried to instill to both clients and staff that as well as ensuring all the technical building blocks and check lists are in place for SEO, a website should always be looked at from a much wider perspective with regard to internet marketing and conversion. Where possible content should be derived not only from a keyword phrase perspective but be as natural as possible and with potential online customers in mind. It’s effectively your shop window and you need to dress the window and entice those customers to buy!

Clients seem to be happy to engage in the design of a website as that’s a fun part but when it comes to providing relevant copy for the site and good product information it always seems to be an uphill battle and an area they do not have the time for..We have countless times received copy from clients that is just copied and pasted from other sites.We then spend a great deal of time on a project writing content for them out of goodwill and without extra charge just to get the project live and running without delay!

Roll out Panda and it seems that all the talk is now about unique, rich and engaging content which is to be applauded and will hopefully help us persuade our clients how important the content on the site is. Clients are the experts in their industry . Agencies can help as much as they can but we need a reasonable base to work with unless we are charging for the complete marketing integration. It benefits everyone if the client engages with its SEO agency and gives time and resource to copywriting.
It’s much easier with a “sexy” product or for a business to consumer industry. Enter Social Media, attractive competitions , vouchers, twitter its easier to work with for both the marketing professionals and clients to come up with some great ideas, but for a somewhat dry business to business industry ,clients really need to spend time with their SEO marketing team to come up with new and interesting ideas.

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