Google +1 Button Launches

The long anticipated worldwide launch of Google’s +1 button finally arrived this week, but what does this mean for website owners?

Google +1This new button acts much like the Facebook Like or Twitter Tweet button and provides your visitors with another opportunity to give your content a virtual thumbs up! The biggest difference with this service however is that the number of +1’s your site receives will soon be appearing alongside your listing in Google’s SERPs. This could be big news. Imagine the scenario; you run a search on Google and up pops the first page. One of the listings has a +1…which listing are you going to click on? Now imagine a list of your friends names displayed next to the +1 showing you exactly who has recommended that site. SEO just got social!

So it seems we all have yet another social media button to add to each of the pages, products, features, stories or videos on our websites but is it really worth it? Truthfully only time will tell. We’ve all seen how powerful a company’s social media presence can be; in particular the number of Facebook Likes a website receives and the way in which content can be shared in seconds on Twitter. With Google behind it, the +1 button is unlikely to fail but it might just change the face of search results forever.

avatar Name: James Briggs
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  • Kirstie

    Hi James,

    Am I right in saying that the user needs to be logged in to the gmail account to use the +1 button?

    • Thanks for your question Kirstie. Yes when clicking the +1 button you’ll firstly be asked to log in to your Google account. Once logged in you’ll then be able see which of your friends have also +1’d the same website. We’ve just added Google +1 buttons here on the Web Design Directory so give it a try!

      Look out for more posts on Google’s + project later this week!