Continuing with the question about a website on an SQL server?

This is the response from Nina to my answer…

Hello Alan

Thank you for your response.  My problems are I do not know how to use WordPress and can’t even find the simple things such as how to back up the system.  So how I upgrade the SQL is well beyond my capability.  What I would like to do is switch from WordPress back to Dreamweaver, where I am somewhat familiar with some of the coding.  

The page I desperately want to change is the front page with the new computers this design is not practical.  When would be a good time to contact yourselves and discuss my requirements.



And my reply….

Hi Nina,

 I do apologise for the inordinate delay as I’ve been out of the Country and upon coming back… inundated (including moving house!), you are certainly struggling though aren’t you and I’m sorry for that.

 I wonder if you would tolerate me making a further suggestion and then failing that we could chat, because WordPress is a really good package for people who want to update their own website. I might not recommend it for large commercial applications, but it is good and I think ideal (don’t scream) for your needs. Could we explore the idea of someone helping you fix the website you have or at the least showing you how to make changes? Even if it cost you one or two hours of someone’s time I feel that would give you control of the site and allow you to move forward.

 With best regards


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