Do I need a website?

Is this not just the most basic question, but I’m pleased you have come here for advice and ignore those that look with scorn because you should know.

The fact is that not every business needs or will benefit from a website, and before some of my readers scream from the heights, I defy anyone to explain how a small roofing company in the village where I live in Berkshire would benefit. The company is run by a chap called Kevin and his wife. Kevin’s so busy you are lucky if you retain his services for the next year! But it’s a different matter for his competitors. As Kevin is so busy, those people frustrated at a lack of a local roofing company will be looking for “roofing services” on the net. And the same could apply to our gardener and perhaps Jane in the town (who alters my trousers as I put on the pounds).

Conversely, you could argue that all these people could benefit if they wanted to expand and attract sales enquiries wider than they currently do, and you’d be right!

By talking (or writing) about these examples, what we are doing of course is considering each one of these scenarios more carefully, and therein lies the answer. One has to consider the aspirations one has of the business, if it’s to expand and grow, and your research tells you there is a market out there for your products – you need a website. If you are happy with a small local (almost cottage) business and want to keep it that way for personal or lifestyle choices, then perhaps you don’t need a website.

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